About Wild Things

Hello Fellow Wild Things

I am Jean and my passion is adventure. I am a hiker, birdwatcher, photographer, spear-diver, and traveler.

Wherever I may be, I spend as much time as possible in nature, and have produced a range of lifestyle products featuring designs using my own flower photography.

Wild Things Lifestyle’s vision is to inspire mature women to get outdoors and enjoy life, thereby nurturing their Wild Side.

Our long-term goal is to expand our product range, build a global following, and automate the business to run from anywhere in the world.



My name is Jean Hattingh and I have travelled extensively throughout South Africa and Australia. I can show you some wonderful, affordable holidays and hikes in both countries as well as further afield.

  • Safaris and other Holidays

    Would you like to holiday as the locals do, as opposed to how a tourist would? I can show you how to plan for amazing holidays on a budget.

  • Jean, standing in a riverbed of pebbles and looking up at a bird through binoculars. She is standing below a large red cliff covered in scrubby vegetation. The sky above is bright blue with scattered clouds.

    Hiking Adventures

    Get out there, nurture your wild side, and have fun. Let me tell you about amazing hikes in many places, where you can really get to enjoy nature.

  • Lifestyle

    Get into hunter, gatherer mode and feed yourself from nature. Let me show you ways to catch or grow your own food with lovely ways to prepare it.