Young lady with tiny baby and large canvas floral tote bag standing on a beach

Moms - check this out. A large canvas versatile tote bag that is not obviously for your baby.

Moms check this out: a large versatile canvas tote bag that is not obviously for baby.

The days of frumpy, plain baby bags are long gone. Stay true to your personal  style when toting baby around with a chic, beautifully crafted bag that will fulfil all your needs, plus become an accessory for many different occasions in the day of a busy mum-on-the-go.


Essential features of any baby bag:

 🙂 Waterproof and easy to clean interior: for spills and bits of food etc.

🙂 Water resistant and easy to clean exterior: to keep internal stuff dry and keep your bag looking amazing.

🙂 Multiple open and zipped pockets including a bottle pocket: Keep your keys and precious stuff in the zipped pockets, and separate diapers and other things internally.

🙂 Detachable cross-body strap: for hands free carrying and for attaching to pram or stroller handles.

🙂 Roomy interior: for heaps of stuff.

🙂 Tough and durable yet stylish and beautiful: for other occasions such as shopping, overnight stays, travelling and gym.

🙂 Folds up into a dust bag: for packing into luggage or into the bottom of your pram or stroller.

You will find all these features in Wild Things Lifestyle tote bags.

What to pack in your baby bag for a day trip.

For baby:

👶 Nappies (diapers)

👶 Wipes

👶 Nappy cream

👶 Portable changing pad

👶 Hand sanitiser

👶 Extra clothes for baby

👶 Food and milk

👶 Bibs and burp cloths

👶 A wet bag for dirty nappies and clothes

👶 Extra pacifier or dummy

👶 Extra light blanket or baby wrap

👶 Small toys 

For yourself:

🙎‍♀️ Extra blouse

🙎‍♀️ Nursing pads etc.

🙎‍♀️ Snacks and water

🙎‍♀️ Wallet

🙎‍♀️ Small toiletry bag for personal care items.

The baby bag is the constant companion of a new mom, and the carrier of all things necessary to make your day a happy, stress free one.  Make sure you choose a good one.

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