Girl wearing a Wild Things Floral sun visor with pink proteas on a soft green background.

Summer, Sun and Skin

It’s that time of year again and there’s a big hot sun out there.

 We flock to the beaches, hike out in nature, picnic in the parks and spend a lot of time outdoors. Our skin takes a hammering from UV rays, salt, chlorine and dry air - especially the delicate skin on our faces. 

 We don’t want to age prematurely, we don't want skin cancer, we don’t want unnecessary sunburn, but we do want fun and most of all, we want fun in the sun.


 So… what do we do?

 🌞 Good external hydration with an all-natural skincare range.

🌞 Internal hydration by drinking plenty of fluids, including heaps of water.

🌞 Shading one’s face with a good wide-brimmed hat.


 For the best skincare, look no further than Aussenskin with their range of beautifully scented products containing wholesome, natural ingredients such as milk thistle, banksia flower and Davidson plum. You can rest assured that you will have given your skin the best possible chance of beating the harshness of summer.


A wide-brimmed sun visor from Wild Things Lifestyle will cast shade not only on the front of your face but on the sides as well. The visors are crafted from water-resistant canvas with waterproof lining, so keep yours on while dipping in the ocean or the pool, and simply shake off the water. They are adjustable, sit lightly on your forehead and pack flat for travelling. Their bright wildflower designs make them wearable works of art.

 A little care every day, goes a long long way.


Step outside with confidence this season. Nurture your wild side and have fun.’