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Need a large, canvas, carry-on travel tote bag for your next holiday? Be the envy of all other travellers!

Need a large and spacious, tough canvas, designer, carry-on travel tote bag for your next holiday?

A good canvas tote bag is a must-have for your travels.

You can fill a large tote with all the essentials for your journey: phone, wallet, headphones, iPad, warm jacket, drink bottle, book or magazine, snacks and a travel pillow. All precious items should be kept close by at all times so zip them into your tote as well.

Gone are the days of boring, beige travel totes. A chic designer bag will ensure you live up to your personal style, wow your fellow travellers and serve as your go-to bag for all aspects of the rest of your holiday; be it shopping, picnicking, lounging on the beach or at the pool, going to the gym or visiting friends and family.

It’s worth investing a bit more on something high quality and long lasting, especially if it is multifunctional too.

Take Bernadette for example: 

I left Australia a few months ago on holiday and am busy travelling around Southern Africa for six months. Bernadette, my trusty lifestyle tote bag, has been by my side since leaving, and on every adventure I have had since I arrived.

Follow Bernadettes exciting adventures here:  ‘Letters to Florence’



The must-haves in a good travel tote bag

🌍 Sturdy, tough and water-resistant with top zip closure

🌍 Waterproof lining

🌍 External zip pocket for passport, tickets and purse

🌍 Internal open and zip pockets including a bottle pocket

🌍 Ease of cleaning inside and out

🌍 Cross-body strap for hands-free carrying

🌍 Fits overhead locker specifications for carry-on luggage

🌍 Collapsible and foldable for ease of storage when not in use

🌍 Chic, stylish and multifunctional, to take anywhere; beach, shops, gym, visits to friends, grand hotels or even camping and on safari.


Is it safe to carry Tote Bags?

Foil any pickpocketing attempts with a tough slash-resistant bag as well as one with a zip closure. People tend to wear tote bags close to their bodies which is safer than having a bag on your back or pulled behind you, from a security point of view.

Should I get a large Tote Bag?

Tote bags come in many sizes but for travel, a large one is recommended as long as it fits carry-on specs. One tends to need quite a few things to make the journey more comfortable and all precious items such as cameras, laptops, jewellery and cash should be kept close by at all times, rather than in an unattended suitcase during travel. 

Is a large tote bag practical for travel?

Tote bags are perfect for travel as they can be used in many situations and not just during the journey. Once at your destination, your bag will be very handy for every situation that requires carrying stuff from A to B. So instead of having multiple bags for each situation, you can have one beautiful and versatile bag for all.



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