Wild Things Large Canvas Tote Bag, Bernadette, on the beach with women wearing a peak hat and white shirt

It’s beach time folks 🤩 Time to haul out the perfect beach bag like this large water-resistant canvas tote bag from Wild Things Lifestyle. ❤️


Grab a large canvas tote bag and fill it with essentials and other goodies to make your day special.


What to take for a relaxing day in the sun:

A large beach towel

Have you tried a sand-free beach towel yet. These are comfy and come in different sizes. The sand easily shakes off when done and they fold up compactly. No more trailing sand into the house after a beach day. They are also fast drying.

A hat or sun visor to protect your face

Keep the sun off your face and neck, when possible, to prevent ageing, sunburn and sunstroke. A wide brim hat or visor is a good idea as it keeps you in the shade even if the sun is at an angle.

A trendy swimsuit

Make a big splash this summer with a new swimsuit. 

An excellent Sunscreen 

Slip slop slap - the Australian mantra for those venturing into the hot sun. Slap on plenty of sunscreen and repeat the process periodically for best effect.

A large water bottle 

Be sure to drink plenty of liquid during hot days and keep hydrated.

A beautiful sun umbrella or cool shade cabana

If planning to spend a long day in the sun, it is best to spend a good part of it under the cool shade of an umbrella or shade cabana.

A leakproof lunch box 

Lunchboxes come in all shapes and sizes. Find one that suits you and pack it with delectable snacks.

Reading material - a good book or fun magazine

The beach is a fun place, so read something lighthearted.

A beach lounger or pillow

A lounger is good for sitting up and reading or watching passers by, without straining your back, a pillow is good for lounging.

Your phone and wallet

Take cool photos and buy yourself a treat like ice-cream.

A large robust water resistant canvas tote bag with waterproof lining, internal and external pockets including a bottle pocket and with a detachable cross-body strap. This will fit in most of the above items with ease and leave you hands-free to carry the umbrella or cabana too.

Hea off after your beach visit - to your next activity. A chic and stylish canvas beach tote bag can transform seamlessly into a shopping bag, bag for the office, travel bag, baby bag or gym bag.

Enjoy your Summer with Wild Things Lifestyle.

Large canvas tote bags and wide brim sun-visors