Hiker carrying a Wild Things Lifestyle large, floral, canvas tote bag.

Walking is the Best Medicine

'Why would you not walk regularly'

- I ask myself.


Its good for me, its healthy, it makes me happy, it gets me away from screens,

its good downtime, its meditative,

                                            AND IT COSTS NOTHING

A large wildflower canvas tote bag is a great help for carrying all that I need on my daily walk. This includes: phone, glasses, binoculars, water, swimwear and small towel (if walking near water) and a snack for on the way.




Now - that's a no brainer

Daily walking has so many  benefits, it does not have to take up much of my time and can become part of my morning routine.



There! - that sounds about right. I'll do it and enjoy it.



In cognitively normal adults, walking 6 miles a week instead of being sedentary was associated with a 50% reduction in Alzheimers risk over 13 years. Cyrus Raji, PhD, dept of radiology, University of Pittsburgh.

That's less than a mile a day!!!

Now that is incredible. Most of us know of the prevalence of dementia these days. I am going to do my best to avoid this. I am sure I still have 13 years left in me to make it effective.

Dr Melinda Ratini says:  No special equipment. No gym fees. You can shed pounds and lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol - all in your own neighborhood, mall or park.

Sounds good to me.

Could get a group together - keep myself motivated and accountable.


Well maybe not everyone

I love nature, I'm going to do a lot of my walking in nature. Maybe weekends when there's no work

The benefits of walking in nature can be felt for up to 7 hours afterwards...

A MINDFUL walk in nature is even more beneficial. 

Don't just walk.

Notice everything; sights, sounds, smells, temperature, feel the plants, hug the trees.

Get a pair of binoculars and get a really good look at birds.

Take a book along to identify stuff, be it flowers, trees or animals.

Take photos and look at them later to relive the experience

Gather things, feathers, leaves, twigs and flowers. Make something out of them back home

The Japanese call this 'forest bathing'. A gentle walk of 2 to 4 hours long that can support wellbeing through sensory immersion in forests or other healing environments.

OK, so here I am taking things very seriously.


I'm going to grow old - a healthy old - with all my  bits working just fine.

. and I am going to enjoy every step along the way.